Tips for fish & pet’s Sellers, before posting an Ad:



- Contact your Transhipper/customs brokerage/shipping agent, in which they have the capability to handle all export documents properly/legally on your behalf. You may also ask your buyer to prepare customs import clearance documents ahead of time.

- Be assured of the fish/pet/species that you are selling is/are LEGAL for public trading (non-protected species).

- Some fish/pets/species are required either/both/all, the following: CITES paperwork and/or Department of Agriculture and/or Forest Ministry and/or other related government-issued Permit/Form/Application/License to be fulfilled before the seller can export the specified species (check it with your local Custom & Border Protection officer and government quarantine agency in your country).

- First choice of having an overnight delivery service as top priority.


*Seller must know how the fish/pet/species should be properly bagged / caged / handled / packed during the transportation time. Be more focus to think of how the species will have enough oxygen supply to breathe inside the bag/container.


*Seller must know how to apply an insulated box (if needed) with an additional heat/cold packs necessarily during the extreme weather all the way long, starting from the origin to the final destination city/country/place. You are recommended to ask the buyer about the weather conditions around the area of its final destination.


*Provide easy payment access for both Domestic and International buyers.


Tips for fish & pet’s Buyers, before placing an order:



- You must have either/both/all, the following:

The Import Permit/License and/or Department of Agriculture and/or Forest Ministry and/or other related government-issued Permit before you make any payment/decision for that particular species that you plan to buy.

- Consult with your local government Custom & Border Protection officer/related government agencies, if the species that you want to buy, will be allowed to enter into your province/state and/or country or not.

- Be knowledgeable to know ahead of time, whether that particular fish/pet/species is/are required/needed to stay in the government quarantine facilities for further inspection or not (before it can be released/cleared by your local customs border officer).

- Contact your Transhipper/customs brokerage/shipping agent in your country, in which they have the capability to handle customs clearance import documents properly/LEGALLY.

- Fully aware of all government import fees and shipping cost applied, so there will be no hidden surprise.


*Since time is very critical, inform your request promptly to the seller for an overnight/the fastest delivery service as top priority.


*Be alert of the expected time arrival, in order to pick up your fish/pets with no delay (IF Port to Port service). In case of Door to Door service, the carrier will need you to be present at the listed delivery address for your signature of release.

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